Weeks 1-4

Weeks 1-4

Hey mama,

Welcome to your first stages of movement after bub.

Firstly, well done for taking time to look after you. Right now you might be feeling as though your sole purpose is to care and protect your little one and that in itself can be overwhelming.

I'm here to let you know that prioritising you is not a selfish act - in fact - it's selfless and necessary; this program is designed to inject some physical and emotional energy into your days, to help you take care of you - and your family.

What to expect in weeks 1-4:
Our first month together is all about waking up the body, as well as rebuilding strength and confidence on the mat. It's a great chance to slowly develop a routine for yourself - that's right, a routine for you, mama!

We will focus on activating our transversus abdominis, break a little sweat, get a Peachy burn and help rid the aches and pains that come with #mumlife.

Let's get Peachy!
B xx

**You will need equipment in some of the workouts within this program. Check out our Travel Pack in the link below, and look at stores like KMart or Ebay for dumbbells.**

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Weeks 1-4
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  • TA Activation and Breath

    Women’s Physio Emma teaches you about breathing from your diaphragm and switching on your transversus abdominis.

  • TA Activation Level One With Movement

    Emma helps us understand how to activate the TA without using the abdominal wall.

  • TA Activation Level Two

    We continue to activate the TA through movement and focus on maintaining and breathing.

  • Post Natal Pilates One

    Our first workout together we’ll be taking it slow and steady. This stripped back Pilates class will wake the body up and is designed to switch on all the important muscle groups, finishing with some box breathing.

    Reminder: Before commencing this program to have clearance from your healthcare ...

  • Booty Wakeup

    Get ready for a signature Peachy burn. Not only will this workout strengthen all the important muscles in your glutes, but the exercises in this workout are also designed to give your booty that peachy lift.

  • Upper Body Conditioning

    The workout your body needs. Bec has designed this workout to strengthen all the muscles you need for feeding - hello posterior chain. Not only will this workout help strengthen your upper back but it will also remind you of the importance of your posture.

  • Feeding Release

    A special something from me to you. This is not just a physical release also an emotional one. Join me as we start by releasing tension in all those "feeding areas" and then for some beautiful mindfulness that I know you mamas will need!

  • Legs for days

    This Pilates workout focus’ on the muscles in the legs that create those long lean lines - such as the hamstrings and adductors (inner thighs). Get ready to feel the burn!!

  • Let's get lifting

    It's time to lift some weights. This circuit is a full body workout using 3kg dumbbells.

  • Slider Strength

    This full body workout uses the sliding discs. We target the legs and also enjoy some posture work that your body has been asking for.

  • Posture Hero for Mums

    This workout is to help rid tension in the neck and shoulders. We use the sliders and Pilates ball to strengthen the posterior chain and mobilise the shoulder girdle.

  • Ball Burn

    Bec uses the Pilates ball to give you a full body workout. We focus on the waist, core and legs and add a bit of pace to the exercises.