Peaches is about so much more than just physical health and fitness so we reached out to some of our favourite Peachy experts to bring you the best advice from their respective fields. Stay tuned for advice on nutrition, beauty, sustainability and even finance!

  • Breathwork With Rory

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    Rory Warnock is a breathwork specialist, performance and wellness coach, and Ultramarathon runner. Join him in this 10 part series to understand the fundamentals of Breathwork and learn how to improve the way you breathe for a happier, healthier life.

  • Groove Therapy

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    Vanessa Marian is a BAFTA-winning choreographer, movement director and artist who created Groove Therapy as a side hustle from her professional dance career. Why? Well most people she met lamented over the fact they WISH they could dance but found the idea of stepping into a dance studio as a gro...

  • Sexual Wellness With Chantelle Otten

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  • Financial Fitness With Betsy Westcott

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    Join finance expert Betsy Westcott for our Financial Fitness series! Betsy has dedicated her career to helping people understand and make the most out of their money. Her superpower is making the world of finance simple, empowering and fun. Betsy has worked in Finance for over a decade now, and i...

  • Easy Makeup With Emily Algar

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    Our girl Emily is BACK with her best makeup tutorials. Learn how to hide tired skin, a glowy everyday look, and a Peachy makeup tutorial for the festive season!

  • Love Life With Lucy Neville

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    Join host of Mamamia's Podcast The Undone for three fun and flirty workshops exploring LOVE LIFE!
    - How to: Survive a breakup in ten steps
    - Lucy's top 3 sex toys (suitable for beginners - advanced)
    - So you're new to dating. A guide.

  • Beauty Hacks With Emily Algar

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    Emily is a freelance writer, beauty editor and content creator with almost 10 years' experience in the industry. She's written for the likes of Byrdie, Vogue, Grazia, and Sydney Morning Herald, often preaching the benefits of SPF and a good cream blush. When she's not writing or scrolling, she's ...

  • Fertility Nutrition With Stefanie Valakas

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    Want more scientifically-backed strategies to help support your fertility and general wellness through nutrition and lifestyle? Check out our brand new series with Stefanie Valakas, founder of The Dietologist, an expert who is recognised as a leading women’s health & fertility dietitian and nutr...

  • Healthy Periods With Nikki

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  • Managing Pubic Symphisis Pain

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    Join our founder Tori as she shares her journey with Pubic Symphysis Pain. Stay tuned for her list of tools which she used to manage this condition - we want YOU to know that Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (casually referred to in these videos as Pubic Symphysis) is not a death sentence! It’s about ...

  • Caesarean Scar Management

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  • Women's Physio

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    Join Bec and Tori's personal physio - Emma Jackson - as she guides us through important Women's Physio subjects like abdominal separation, preventing and; managing back pain, post birth and more.

  • Meditations

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    Welcome to our new medi centre! Be kind to your mind with gentle guided meditations - designed to help you find clarity, calm, joy and inner peace.