Here we go Peach! Time to get serious. Our 40-minute at home workouts will give you a total body burn! Make sure you’ve got a Peachy playlist ready, some water and your phone on aeroplane mode, this is 40 minutes of you time.

We get so many clients walking into our studios with injuries and issues they picked up from daily 60 minute HIIT sessions. There is no need to destroy yourself every day in a high intensity workout - we guarantee you’ll get all the results you’re looking for with a 40 minute Pilates class a few times a week.Exercise shouldn’t feel like a chore - it’s a privilege to move your body and we bring the vibes to our workouts so you will fall in love with exercise and actually look forward to it rather than dreading it. That’s the only way to create a sustainable, long term routine that gets you looking and more importantly feeling awesome!

We’re called Peaches for a reason, after one of our 40-minute glute workouts you’ll feel stronger through your whole posterior chain and better protected through your spine. And you might just notice that Peach grows a little too ;). If you’re keen for a sweat and an endorphin hit then jump into one of our Cardio workouts or Power Pilates videos. These are 40-minute HIIT workouts with a Pilates twist.

Our longer session generally focus on Total Body Toning - what Peaches is famous for. These 40-minute HIIT workouts are based on our studio sessions and you should leave them feeling just like you’ve walked out of one of our Pilates studios. Establish a healthier lifestyle in less than an hour, at home, in your hotel room, or wherever you are. Checkout our library of - mostly healthy but always delicious - recipes to stay on top of your nutrition alongside your exercise routine. We believe in eating real food, cooked from scratch whenever possible and not restricting the lovely things in life (hello Pasta) too much.

Think the only way to burn those calories is a 40 -minute treadmill workout or daily HIIT session. Tackle your goals and get back on track with sessions that are low impact with low injury risk, but guaranteed results. From 40 minute workouts with dumbbells to a Cardio or Pilates session with our awesome instructors – we’ll help you build a stronger, healthier and more confident you.

Jump in below and we guarantee those 40 minutes could be the best ones of your day!

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  • Power Pilates 9

    Join Bec for this 40 minute Power Pilates class. Grab your dumbbells out and get ready to work the entire body with a strong focus on the arms.

  • Peaches Pilates 17

    Join Milly for a 45 minute full body, Peaches Pilates class. A signature workout with all our favourite moves that are designed to lengthen and strengthen your body using no equipment!

  • Booty Camp 9

    Join Milly for another Booty Camp workout. This 40 minute workout includes all of her favourite Peaches Pilates moves that are known to deliver the best results. Milly uses no equipment but you have the option to use a booty band or ankle weight to make it extra spicy.

  • Cardio Pilates

    This 40 minute cardio Pilates workout is filled with lengthening and strengthening moves. You will be sweating in no time with this full body workout focusing on using Pilates moves at a faster pace.
    - Not for pregnancy
    Not for pregnancy

  • Pilates x Abs

    Join Milly for a 40 minute Pilates workout that will lengthen and strengthen you. You'll focus on the core and get treated to an ab burn - you'll need your sliding discs.
    - Not for pregnancy

  • Pilates For Tight hips

    A gift from Milly to your tight hips. This Peaches Pilates workout focus on using range of motion and mobility through the hips - and yes, you will still get a Peachy burn! Grab your ball and thank us later.

  • Period Pilates 3

    Period Pilates 3. This class is designed for day 7, or near the end of the cycle when you are ready to move, ready to burn, and ready to get some endorphins flowing! A longer 55 minute class, to give you extra love at the end of your Flo!

  • Peaches Pilates 9

    Join Tori for another one of her Progressions classes! This class is equipment free - minus a chair, and is great for learning Pilates basics. Don't be fooled though - you'll still get a great burn on. This workout builds strength in the body - especially the legs, booty and abs - by advancing e...

  • Power Circuit 5

    Get ready to SWEAT with Milly for this dynamic and fast paced Power Circuit. Using your choice of dumbbells - we recommend 3kg.

  • Yoga Flow - Hanumanasana

    Join Carla for this dynamic sequence designed to open the hips. Be prepared for an energetic flow, before reaching the peak pose of hanumanasana (splits pose). End with nourishing backbends, happy baby and shavasana. We recommend having yoga blocks or pillows near by.