30 Minutes

30 Minutes

Half an hour may not be enough to change the world, but trust us when we say it’s enough to change yours.

A 30-minute workout is all you need to get your booty up and moving and get some serious results. There is no need to smash yourself with a 60 minute HIIT session every day; you can work up all the sweat you need total body toning, all in just half an hour at home.

At PEACHES PILATES, we encourage you to move your body every day - sometimes that will just be a walk or it might be 60 minutes in the gym. But for days when you only have a brief moment to yourself a 30-minute workout at home hits all the right spots.

Our workout videos deliver a studio experience!

Every member of the PEACHES PILATES team works hard to empower women our community to find confidence, self-esteem and physical activity that’s free from bullsh*t. Access a variety of 30-minute sessions in the comfort of your own home, ticking off more workouts than you ever have before. (Without feeling like it’s a chore.)

Explore classes such as:
● 30-minute workout with dumbbells for stronger arms
● No-equipment sessions
● 30-minute workout using a Pilates ball
● Booty workout (we’re called PEACH for a reason)
● Abs workouts
● 30-minute workout with weights

We like to spoil our community with choice, so if you’ve been searching for 30-minute workout Youtube videos then look no further - we have plenty to choose from when you join our epic, supportive community.

We’re your new B.F.F.
PEACHES PILATES purpose is to make people feel f***ing awesome. That’s why we get up every day. Kick-start your day with 30-minute workout at-home videos that cater to every skill level, leaving all the fitness industry BS behind. Achieve your goals and reach new benchmarks with sessions that suit real people with real dreams.

Dominate your 30-minute cardio workout and have enough energy to take on the kids after school or a Friday night on the town – no matter your lifestyle, PEACHES PILATES is here to complement it. Are you a beginner? No worries. All of our clips are approachable for any fitness level. Take your pick from any of these online session – a 30-minute workout is a great places to start. If gyms aren’t for you, or you’re short on time, PEACHES PILATES is the sidekick you’ve always been waiting for, without the pretentious vibe. Feel inspired and supported by a team that’s committed to helping you get results – start your journey with our 30-minute workout weight loss programs now.

Oh, did we mention a 7-day free trial?

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30 Minutes
  • Chrismukkah Pilates

    Bec sets your booty on fire with this 30 minute Pilates class. This signature Peaches style workout has a strong focus on all three glute muscles - grab your ankle weights if you have them but still expect a deep burn if you don't.

  • Core Celebration

    Join Sarah for this killer ab workout. Grab your Pilates ball and spend 35 minutes targeting all of your core muscles - I mean ALL of them!
    - Not for pregnancy

  • Christmas Cardio

    Get ready to sweat Peach! Our newest instructor Sarah brings the heat with this 30 minute cardio workout that targets the whole body. Feel the burn, increase your heart rate and get ready for our bestie "endorphins" to make you feel sooooo good after! No equipment necessary.
    - Not for pregnancy

  • Holiday Pilates

    Laura uses her favourite pieces of equipment - the Pilates Ball - to give you the ultimate full body burn. This 30 minute workout is a spicy one that will challenge you both physically and mentally!

  • Total Body Progression

    Whether you're a beginner or a Pilates veteran this class is for everyone. Bec gets back to basics with a slow burn that builds with challenges along the way - think lengthening and strengthening your muscles the entire time. This equipment free workout is the perfect way to kick start your week ...

  • Power Top To Toe

    Because adding dumbbells to a Pilates workout is always a good idea. Laura incorporates heavier resistance to traditional Pilates moves to challenge and strengthen your muscles. This 30 minute class is a full body burn and will even have you breaking a sweat. Grab your dumbbells and get ready to ...

  • All Out Abs

    Laura has another core class for you, and we just know you're going to love this deep burn. Pilates ball optional - next day sore abs, unavoidable!

  • abs x arms

    Join Bec for a bespoke class dedicated to two of her favourite areas to train - the arms and the abs! Dumbbells optional!

  • Perfect Your Posture

    Join Milly for a class that gives back! Perfect your posture and rid back pain with this lovingly created workout dedicated to your posterior chain.

  • Slider Shred

    Get ready to sweat with Bec! Grab your sliders and let's get our heart rates up with a simple but incredibly effective Slider Shred.

  • Strong legs

    Join Milly for a STRONG LEGS session. Equipment free, harnessing the power of classic Pilates moves to lengthen, strengthen and tone.

  • Express Ankle Weight Sesh

    Join Tori for a 25 minute sesh using the ankle weight! Work your booty, waist and arms in this dynamic class - where the ankle weight is used for targeting your triceps as well as the upper body.

  • Just The Essentials

    Join Tori for Just The Essentials - a ball focussed workout dedicated to her 'essentials': the waist, booty and abs of course!

  • Core & Ball

    Laura uses the Pilates ball to work your abs and waist with this spicy 30 minute workout. You'll feel a deep burn within minutes and will definitely add this to your favourites.
    - Not pregnancy

  • ABSolute Knockout

    Let's get sweaty Peach! Bec brings you a boxing workout that will get your heart rate up and set your abs on fire. She uses the boxing element for cardio and the core exercises for strength. Gran your hand weights and your discs and fall in love with the sweat sesh!
    - Not for pregnancy

  • COREset On Fire

    This is a classic Pilates workout using signature Peaches moves to target your core and waist. Get ready to to harness your Pilates corset as Tori takes you through a 30 minute burn using the Pilates ball.
    - Not for pregnancy

  • Spicy Ab Burn

    We didn't want you to miss out on this live recording from the archives. It's a spicy one and Milly will have you feeling stronger with a side sweat during this ab focused workout. Grab your booty band and if you have one a 3kg dumbbell and get ready to feel the burn. Thank us later ;)

  • Pilates Ball Burn

    An oldie but a goodie. This Peaches Pilates workout with Tori will work you from top to toe with a special focus on the core and lower body - giving you the ultimate burn. Tori uses the Pilates ball as a resistance tool but also to help you harness your core instead of using your back, whilst wor...

  • Boxing Sweat & Burn

    Bec is back with a sweaty new boxing sesh - which marries the total body toning power of Pilates with the high intensity cardio burn of boxing. Be ready to burn, baby!

  • Pilates Arms & Waist

    This Pilates workout from our live recordings library deserves a replay. Bec give you the option to use an ankle weight and to challenge your upper body and focus on a signature pilates corset burn.
    - Pregnancy safe

  • Power Pilates Flow

    This Power Pilates workout with Tori requires a single 3kg dumbbell. She focus' on all of her two favourite areas - waist and booty - but includes an upper body at the same time. You'll also be treated to some stretches in between and a spinal articulation exercise at the end. Enjoy Peach!
    *From ...

  • Most Loved Live - Power Pilates With Milly

    This is a Pilates inspired Power class. Milly uses 3kg dumbbells to add some extra spice and resistance to our signature Peachy moves.

  • Most Loved Live With Milly - Pilates X Abs 04/06

    This 30 minute, equipment free Pilates style workout really focus' on the core. Our live recordings have been kept because we filmed so many amazing workouts that you most probably have never tried. So enjoy this spicy workout with Milly and get ready to feel the burn

  • Peaches Pilates 18

    Laura takes you through a signature Peaches Pilates burn using no equipment. This is a 30 minute full body workout with a strong focus on the booty and waist.