Weeks 5-8

Weeks 5-8

Hey mama,

Look at you go! I'm so proud of you for coming this far, and I hope I've been able to provide you with a little spring in your step.

You should be starting to feel stronger in the body, and getting a good understanding of your physical limits - as well as when to step outside of your comfort zone.

Over the next four weeks you'll find the workouts to be a little more challenging, with options to add resistance to them - hello Booty Band ;)

We will also focus on maintaining our TA during exercises - so you'll be feeling your abdominal wall switch on more and more.

I also want to remind you that it's ok to feel completely unmotivated. There's days when I'm unmotivated to even be a mum - so just honour those days to rest, get some fresh air and remember that tomorrow is another day.

When you're ready I'll be on the screen waiting to give you those Peachy Endorphins!

B xx

**You will need equipment in some of the workouts within this program. Check out our Travel Pack in the link below, and look at stores like KMart or Ebay for dumbbells.**

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Weeks 5-8
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  • Hello Core

    It’s time to work your abs. We’ve done all the foundation work strengthening our TA and abdominal wall - now it’s time for our first ab burn together.

  • Power Mama

    This full body Power Pilates workout with dumbbells. Adding extra resistance will help build strength and muscle tone. Let's get Peachy mama!

  • Pilates Waist and Booty

    A full body Pilates workout focusing on the waist and booty.

  • Feeding Release

    A special something from me to you. This is not just a physical release also an emotional one. Join me as we start by releasing tension in all those "feeding areas" and then for some beautiful mindfulness that I know you mamas will need!

  • Posture Hero for Mums

    This workout is to help rid tension in the neck and shoulders. We use the sliders and Pilates ball to strengthen the posterior chain and mobilise the shoulder girdle.

  • Ball Burn

    Bec uses the Pilates ball to give you a full body workout. We focus on the waist, core and legs and add a bit of pace to the exercises.

  • Legs for days

    This Pilates workout focus’ on the muscles in the legs that create those long lean lines - such as the hamstrings and adductors (inner thighs). Get ready to feel the burn!!

  • Slider Strength

    This full body workout uses the sliding discs. We target the legs and also enjoy some posture work that your body has been asking for.

  • Booty Band Blitz

    Pop those booty bands on ladies. This 20 minute workout is all you need to get the glutes firing. Expect lots of pulses with Bec in this killer workout!