Train With Mia

Train With Mia

Meet Mia - she’s been an integral part of the #peachyfam for so long she’s almost part of the furniture. Starting originally as a member of the Maroubra studio before deciding to become certified and join the team - Mia has contributed so much to our community with her beautiful mindfulness themed classes, warm cuddles and goofy sense of humour. We’re so excited for our online fam to experience her classes - enjoy!

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Train With Mia
  • Quick Waist Burn

    Work your waist with Mia in this express class. No equipment needed, just you and your mat. This workout is all about using your obliques and muscles in your waist to shape, tone and strengthen that Pilates corset!

  • Booty Burn Express

    Join Mia for an express booty burn using the Pilates. This 15 minute workout targets the muscles that live in your glutes -glute maxiumus, medius and minimus - that's right Peach, you have THREE booty muscles. By using the ball you'll be giving your hamstrings and inner thighs a bit of love too.

  • Core & Mindfullness

    Join Mia for a 15 minute slow burn that focus' on your core. This workout is equipment free and will highlight how using just your body weight and only a short time on the mat will still guarantee a deep and effective Pilates burn.
    You'll be treated to some mindfullness with Mia at the end givin...

  • Stretch & Meditation

    Mia treats you to a beautiful stretch and meditation. This 25 minute class is for when you're feeling called to slow down and pause. It's time to give back to your mind and body with this beautiful body release followed by a guided meditation that will bring you back to centre and fill up your cu...

  • Bootyful Abs

    Join Mia for a signature style Peaches Pilates class - no equipment - where you'll be reacquainted with some of our most loved, yet hated moves. This workout focus' on strengthening your abs and booty followed by some mindfullness with Mia. See you on the mat.

  • Hello Inner Thighs

    Join Mia for a killer Peaches style Pilates class focusing on your inner thighs. This equipment free workout will have your shaking and leave you feeling longer and stronger. Muscles like the adductors are usually a forgotten muscles - however, when we strengthen these important muscles you are a...

  • Abs x Waist Burn

    Join Mia for a spicy ab and waist burn using the Pilates. This 30 minute class targets every muscle in your core and shows you exactly how Pilates can target, isolate and shape your Pilates corset. You will then be treated with some mindfullness with Mia at the end.

  • Basic Booty Blast

    One of those 30 minute workouts that is a humble reminder that you don't need fancy moves or equipment to really feel the burn. Join Mia for this booty blast that uses simple Pilates exercises that targets all the muscles in your toosh!
    - Option to use a booty band
    - Pregnancy safe