Ab workouts are not just about flat tummies and six packs. These videos are designed to build strength through your core which will reduce injury risk, build overall strength and yes they will help tone up your midsection too. Make sure you spend time on your core every single week for better posture and better performance in all aspects of life.

At PEACHES, we recognise that everyone is different, complete with her own goals, fitness level, circumstances and interests. For some the goal is weight loss, for some its strength or flexibility or it may be confidence or improved mental health. So much of this starts with the core so we’ve created this playlist of online ab workouts to help you get whatever results you’re after.

Our ultimate goal is to MPFFA (Make People Feel Fucking Awesome). All our workouts and challenges are designed to do just that and we aim to build healthy fitness routines that are sustainable and focussed on the long term. No fads / no gimmicks. Our online abs workouts can be a great addition to a longer workout or are perfect as a stand alone strength session for your core.

Our online abs workouts include sessions such as:
20-minutes using a 3kg dumbbell
35-minutes abs blast with no equipment
Equipment free Pilates corset
10 minute ab burn with our sliding discs

All our workouts are based on our studio sessions where we have worked with thousands of clients across our spaces in Sydney and Byron Bay. Whether you’ve got 12 minutes to spare while the kids are entertained or are looking for a brutal 30 minute ab burn – you’ll find it here.

PEACHES is all about real women getting real results. We bring good vibes and loads of reps so make sure you’ve got a Peachy playlist on and get ready to feel fucking awesome. Make sure you give yourself rest days between exercises that target the same body part. If you’ve smashed your abs today - focus on your booty tomorrow. Rest means your body has a chance to grow stronger so you’ll improve the next time you try the workout.

Also make sure you check out our recipe library of mostly healthy but always delicious meals and snacks. We believe in eating real food and cooking from scratch not restricting the lovely things in life (hello Pasta). Check out our recipes here: online.peachespilates.com/recipes

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  • Abs Blast 10 Express

    This express abs workout with Laura packs a killer burn. An equipment free class that works your entire core - you'll be glad it's only 15 minutes.
    - Not for pregnancy

  • Abs Blast 9 Express

    Laura uses the Pilates ball for this 15 minute abs blast workout. Get ready to feel the burn and work the entire core.
    - Not for pregnancy

  • Arms x Abs

    If you know Bec, you'll know she loves working the upper body and core and this workout does just that. Grab your thera band and get ready to feel the burn in the abs and arms - but also focus on the important muscles in the upper back that strengthen your posture.

  • Abs Express

    Fifteen minutes with Milly is all you're going to need to really feel this ab burn. No equipment require. A perfect workout before or after a walk or run.

  • Booty x Abs

    Grab your booty band and get ready to feel a classic Peaches Pilates burn!
    Milly spends 25 minutes on the mat with you focusing on your glutes and abs - enjoy Peach!
    - Not for pregnancy.

  • Abs Blast 1

    A 15 minute workout dedicated solely to the core. THIS BURNS. Activate your TA (transverse abdominis) and see how your body transforms once that ‘Pilates Belt’ is wrapped around your midsection.
    - Not for pregnancy.

    No equipment needed

  • Abs Blast 2

    The follow up from our original Abs Blast video - deeply activate your core to flatten your tummy and supercharge your performance in all sports.

    You will need: Pilates Ball

  • Abs Blast 3

    Target your core and get that deep burn you’ve come to love.

    You will need: 3kg dumbbell

  • Abs Blast 4

    Join Laura for a quick, but not so sweet Abs Blast. This workout is equipment free focusing on the core.

  • Abs Blast 5

    Target your core with this 15m burner - with a special focus on the obliques for that Peachy Waist!

  • Abs Blast 6

    A quick 12 minute ab burn. No equipment required.
    - Not for pregnancy

  • Abs Blast 7

    Join Laura for a 35 minute KILLER BURN. No equipment needed - just you, your abs, and your mental ability to get through ;)

  • Abs Blast 8 (Dumbbell Optional)

    Be ready for an express Abs Blast with Milly. Burn out those abs using a 3kg dumbbell - if you dare! Can also be done entirely equipment free!

  • Pilates x Abs

    Join Milly for a 40 minute Pilates workout that will lengthen and strengthen you. You'll focus on the core and get treated to an ab burn - you'll need your sliding discs.
    - Not for pregnancy

  • Pilates Corset

    One of Tori’s absolute favourite areas of the body to work on - the WAIST! Forget ‘waist trainers’ - a fad that actually encourages your core to switch OFF - and say hello to the Peaches Corset method. Created to nip your waistline in for sexy curves.

    No equipment needed

  • Pilates Corset 2

    Get ready to work your Pilates corset with another signature Tori session - targeting the obliques and deep core muscles!

  • Pilates Corset 3

    Grab your Pilates ball and join Milly for this 30 minute workout that focus' on your waist and abs. Get ready to strengthen your core with this killer burn.
    - Not for pregnancy.

  • Slider Pilates 1

    A homage to the reformer - try this killer session using sliders and a ball to get a killer burn.

  • Disc Challenge 1

    Get your heart rate up with this short but definitely not sweet discs challenge, with a waist focus.

  • Boxing Abs

    Join Bec for a boxing sesh - with a special focus on the core. Get your combos popping, and then burn on the mat with a signature Abs series!

    You will need: 1kg dumbbells

  • Most Loved Live - Abs with Milly 21/05/21