Weeks 9-12

Weeks 9-12

Hey Mama,

Before we go any further, give yourself a round of applause. You've come this far and you are SMASHING It!!

Now, I don't like to play favourites - but I have to say that these weeks have become like my golden child ;) You'll feel more of an endorphin hit in our final few weeks together, as these workouts are challenging and have a faster pace - but still have a strong focus on rebuilding and recovering.

You may also find that you've found a little bit more of a groove as a mum, and in day to day life; even finding things that help you cope with your new role as a mum. Remember, you're keeping a baby ALIVE - if you miss a workout here and there - it's ok! This program is not a race, you will not be punished If you finish late and you won't be given a medal If you finish to the exact date. Just do you mama!

Whilst this is our last four weeks together, that doesn't mean my job here is done - I have a 'Where to next?' of recommended workouts coming up - so you don't feel like you're heading into uncharted waters.

Thank you so much for coming along for the Peachy ride - you guys are the reason I have created space to move my body and I feel so much better for it.

See you on the screen!
B xx

**You will need equipment in some of the workouts within this program. Check out our Travel Pack in the link below, and look at stores like KMart or Ebay for dumbbells.**

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Weeks 9-12
  • Booty Band Blitz

    Pop those booty bands on ladies. This 20 minute workout is all you need to get the glutes firing. Expect lots of pulses with Bec in this killer workout!

  • Your Calendar For Weeks 9-12

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  • Peaches Pilates OG Style

  • Let's get lifting

    It's time to lift some weights. This circuit is a full body workout using 3kg dumbbells.

  • Hello Core

    It’s time to work your abs. We’ve done all the foundation work strengthening our TA and abdominal wall - now it’s time for our first ab burn together.

  • Upper Body Conditioning

    The workout your body needs. Bec has designed this workout to strengthen all the muscles you need for feeding - hello posterior chain. Not only will this workout help strengthen your upper back but it will also remind you of the importance of your posture.

  • Feeding Release

    A special something from me to you. This is not just a physical release also an emotional one. Join me as we start by releasing tension in all those "feeding areas" and then for some beautiful mindfulness that I know you mamas will need!

  • Power Mama

    This full body Power Pilates workout with dumbbells. Adding extra resistance will help build strength and muscle tone. Let's get Peachy mama!

  • Boxing Mama

    Bec’s favourite way to workout and you’ll see why. Join Bec for not only a cardio sweat sesh but for what she calls a “stress buster.” This workout is broken up with an ab burn in the middle. Get ready for an endorphin hit!

  • Posture Hero for Mums

    This workout is to help rid tension in the neck and shoulders. We use the sliders and Pilates ball to strengthen the posterior chain and mobilise the shoulder girdle.

  • Booty Wakeup

    Get ready for a signature Peachy burn. Not only will this workout strengthen all the important muscles in your glutes, but the exercises in this workout are also designed to give your booty that peachy lift.