15 Minutes

15 Minutes

What can you do in 15 minutes? We’re certainly not saying 15 minutes is all you need but sometimes it’s all you’ve got. Moving your body each day is the goal and 15 minutes is just enough for a quick endorphin hit or a targeted workout to focus on a specific area.

Setting enough time aside to head to the gym or join a 60 minute HIIT class can be hard to do, especially if you have kids or run your own business… or both. We’ve developed a range of workouts with different durations to make sure you have options. Our 15-minute at home workouts give you all the usual Peachy vibes in a quick session that will leave you sweating and sore. Getting your daily dose of physical activity shouldn’t feel like a chore; at Peaches we make moving your body fun and accessible.

Move it with our no equipment 15-minute workouts. Whether your day-to-day involves juggling kids, your career, your dog – it is super important to give yourself love and attention every day as well. Our community at Peaches is a supportive hub filled with empowered women all around the world, all of whom share the same journey towards sustainable health and wellbeing.

We cut the BS from the fitness space, nothing pretentious, just real women getting real results. With women in more than 50 countries getting Peachy every day you won’t find a more supportive community. We’ve created 15-minute workouts both with and without equipment, so you can get started straight away or level up with our favourite resistance tools.
For those that like to kick their butt into gear, we also have our popular 15-minute workouts with weights to get that blood pumping. Tailored to real women, our sessions are suitable for all fitness levels.

We have trained thousands of women in our studios across Sydney and Byron Bay, and have used the same principles in these 15 minute Pilates workouts that we use in our 45 minute studio sessions. Great vibes and loads of reps.

At Peaches our mission statement is to MPFFA (make people feel f***ing awesome) and that starts with daily movement, eating real food and a community that will support you along the way. All our online instructors also teach in our studios so check out a studio near you and you might find a familiar face from the screen. Just like our online program our studios offer pre-natal and post-natal training and classes for all experience levels. Feel like a 15-minute cardio workout at home? Show us what you’ve got. Jump into the workouts below, add them to another sessions as a warm up or extra burn or use them to kick start your day.

Let’s get the ball rolling. Start our 7-day free trial now to see what all the fuss is about.

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15 Minutes
  • Total Glute Sculpt (Pilates Ball option)

    Rediscover the fundamentals of strength and stability with our Total Glute Sculpt using the Pilates ball. This focused session brings it back to basics, targeting your glutes through a series of precise, controlled exercises. The Pilates ball adds an extra challenge, enhancing muscle engagement ...

  • Sculpt and Strengthen: Pilates Arm Burn

    Discover the perfect blend of lengthening and toning with our Pilates Arm Burn workout. This invigorating session focuses on sculpting and strengthening your arms through a series of challenging exercises. Suitable for all fitness levels, this short yet effective routine will leave your arms fee...

  • Total Ab Sculpt (Pilates Ball option)

    Strengthen your core and lift your energy with our Total Ab Sculpt using the Pilates ball. This invigorating session focuses on building the Pilates corset, targeting deep abdominal muscles through precise, controlled movements. The Pilates ball adds an extra layer of challenge, enhancing core e...

  • Energising Pilates Booty and Core Burn

    Experience the ultimate Pilates Booty and Core Burn with this revitalizing side-lying series. This powerful workout focuses on sculpting your glutes and strengthening your core through targeted, controlled movements. Perfect for all fitness levels, this session not only enhances your physical str...

  • Booty Burn and Inner Thigh Sculpt

    Welcome to your Mindful Booty Burn and Inner Thigh Sculpt, a session designed to energize your body and challenge your mind. Suitable for all fitness levels, this workout not only targets your lower body but also sharpens your mental focus, leaving you feeling invigorated and empowered.

  • Alberto's Barre Express

    Join Alberto for an express workout targeting your legs like nothing else in less than 20 minutes. Pregnancy friendly and all you need is a chair!

  • Quick Waist Burn

    Work your waist with Mia in this express class. No equipment needed, just you and your mat. This workout is all about using your obliques and muscles in your waist to shape, tone and strengthen that Pilates corset!

  • Booty Burn Express

    Join Mia for an express booty burn using the Pilates. This 15 minute workout targets the muscles that live in your glutes -glute maxiumus, medius and minimus - that's right Peach, you have THREE booty muscles. By using the ball you'll be giving your hamstrings and inner thighs a bit of love too.

  • Core & Mindfullness

    Join Mia for a 15 minute slow burn that focus' on your core. This workout is equipment free and will highlight how using just your body weight and only a short time on the mat will still guarantee a deep and effective Pilates burn.
    You'll be treated to some mindfullness with Mia at the end givin...

  • Energy Boost

    The perfect workout to get your mood out of your boots. In just 15 minutes Sarah guides you through her favourite moves and routine that she uses when she's short on time but is craving a mini workout. Yep that's right Peach, just 15 minutes and we guarantee an endorphins for a mood booster - you...

  • CBF Day 4 - Posture Perfect

    Day four of the CBF Challenge - it's time to give your posture some love, Peachy Pie! Join Tori as she takes you through a 10 minute session dedicated to strengthening your posterior muscles - aimed at relieving aches and pains, improving your posture and having you stand just that little bit tal...

  • Strong & Sweaty Express

    The perfect workout if you want to feel like you've done a 40 minute workout but only have 15. Bec combines cardio and strength with 3kg dumbbells and doesn't give you much time for a rest. Happy lifting and sweating Peach!
    - Not for pregnancy

  • Sweat & Burn

    A short, sharp and spicy workout that focus' on the legs and core. 15 minutes with Bec is all you need to feel a burn a break a sweat. Grab your sliding discs and let's get Peachy!

  • Snatched Waist

    Join Tori in training one of her favourite areas of the body to tone: The Waist! An express workout you can do from anywhere - this class will be your new to-go for a snatched waistline and speedy endorphin hit.

  • Express Barre Burn

    This is the energy fix - or kick up the butt - that you need on those days when you simply feel MEH! Join Tori for an express barre burn using the Pilates ball. You can use a chair, railing or kitchen bench as a barre ;)

    Suitable for trimester 1 of pregnancy.

  • Total Core Control

    This workout is your typical breaker when we add core to a barre workout. Milly takes to the floor with a 20 minute killer ab burn and switches on all the muscles in your midsection.

  • ABSolute Burn

    When Laura programs fifteen minutes, then that's all you're going to need. This killer ab workout uses a yoga block however, if you do not have one grab a thick book or nothing at all. Get ready to feel the burn, lengthen your body and Get Peachy with this quickie.
    - Not for pregnancy

  • Ab Flow Express

    This 15 minute express abs workout is a great way to start the day or warm up before a run or walk. Bec includes movements that not only strengthen and tone your core but also give your body a stretch at the same time. No equipment needed.
    - Not for pregnancy

  • Full Body Burn 2

    Join Milly for a short but spicy 20 minutes Pilates burn. This full body workout is equipment free and you'll be glad it's a quick one.

  • Abs Blast 10 Express

    This express abs workout with Laura packs a killer burn. An equipment free class that works your entire core - you'll be glad it's only 15 minutes.
    - Not for pregnancy

  • Abs Blast 9 Express

    Laura uses the Pilates ball for this 15 minute abs blast workout. Get ready to feel the burn and work the entire core.
    - Not for pregnancy

  • Power Chipper

    Another Chipper inspired workout. This speedy but spicy workout with Bec focus' on using heavier resistance and strengthening your entire body.

  • Abs Express

    Fifteen minutes with Milly is all you're going to need to really feel this ab burn. No equipment require. A perfect workout before or after a walk or run.

  • Pilates Chipper 1

    A chipper is five different exercises - reps of 50,40,30,20,10 and then back up again. Join Milly for a short and sharp cardio burst that is a great addition to a Pilates class if you're looking to break a sweat.
    - Not for pregnancy