What can you do in 15 minutes? We’re certainly not saying 15 minutes is all you need but sometimes it’s all you’ve got. Moving your body each day is the goal and 15 minutes is just enough for a quick endorphin hit or a targeted workout to focus on a specific area.

Setting enough time aside to head to the gym or join a 60 minute HIIT class can be hard to do, especially if you have kids or run your own business… or both. We’ve developed a range of workouts with different durations to make sure you have options. Our 15-minute at home workouts give you all the usual Peachy vibes in a quick session that will leave you sweating and sore. Getting your daily dose of physical activity shouldn’t feel like a chore; at Peaches we make moving your body fun and accessible.

Move it with our no equipment 15-minute workouts. Whether your day-to-day involves juggling kids, your career, your dog – it is super important to give yourself love and attention every day as well. Our community at Peaches is a supportive hub filled with empowered women all around the world, all of whom share the same journey towards sustainable health and wellbeing.

We cut the BS from the fitness space, nothing pretentious, just real women getting real results. With women in more than 50 countries getting Peachy every day you won’t find a more supportive community. We’ve created 15-minute workouts both with and without equipment, so you can get started straight away or level up with our favourite resistance tools.
For those that like to kick their butt into gear, we also have our popular 15-minute workouts with weights to get that blood pumping. Tailored to real women, our sessions are suitable for all fitness levels.

We have trained thousands of women in our studios across Sydney and Byron Bay, and have used the same principles in these 15 minute Pilates workouts that we use in our 45 minute studio sessions. Great vibes and loads of reps.

At Peaches our mission statement is to MPFFA (make people feel f***ing awesome) and that starts with daily movement, eating real food and a community that will support you along the way. All our online instructors also teach in our studios so check out a studio near you and you might find a familiar face from the screen. Just like our online program our studios offer pre-natal and post-natal training and classes for all experience levels. Feel like a 15-minute cardio workout at home? Show us what you’ve got. Jump into the workouts below, add them to another sessions as a warm up or extra burn or use them to kick start your day.

Let’s get the ball rolling. Start our 7-day free trial now to see what all the fuss is about.

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  • Abs Blast 10 Express

    This express abs workout with Laura packs a killer burn. An equipment free class that works your entire core - you'll be glad it's only 15 minutes.
    - Not for pregnancy

  • Abs Blast 9 Express

    Laura uses the Pilates ball for this 15 minute abs blast workout. Get ready to feel the burn and work the entire core.
    - Not for pregnancy

  • Power Chipper

    Another Chipper inspired workout. This speedy but spicy workout with Bec focus' on using heavier resistance and strengthening your entire body.

  • Abs Express

    Fifteen minutes with Milly is all you're going to need to really feel this ab burn. No equipment require. A perfect workout before or after a walk or run.

  • Pilates Chipper 1

    A chipper is five different exercises - reps of 50,40,30,20,10 and then back up again. Join Milly for a short and sharp cardio burst that is a great addition to a Pilates class if you're looking to break a sweat.
    - Not for pregnancy

  • Barre Burn 6

    Join Laura for a spicy Barre Burn workout. Grab your chair and get ready to lengthen and strengthen your body with a strong focus on the legs.

    Pregnancy safe.

  • Day Starter

    Milly shares her "Day Starter" - a routine she uses before a cardio style workout or even before a walk. It requires no equipment and is even perfect if you don't have time for any other movement that day.
    - Not for pregnancy

  • Morning Mobility

    A beautiful way to start the day or warm up before a more serious session. Add this to your faves!

  • Slider Pilates 1

    A homage to the reformer - try this killer session using sliders and a ball to get a killer burn.

  • Booty Camp 4

    A short and sweet booty burner suitable for pregnancy, guaranteed to give you a signature Tori toosh toning session

    You will need: Pilates Ball

  • Abs Blast 4

    Join Laura for a quick, but not so sweet Abs Blast. This workout is equipment free focusing on the core.

  • Booty Band Burn

    Get yourself a juicy booty with our favourite piece of equipment!

    You will need: Booty Band

  • Abs Blast 1

    A 15 minute workout dedicated solely to the core. THIS BURNS. Activate your TA (transverse abdominis) and see how your body transforms once that ‘Pilates Belt’ is wrapped around your midsection.
    - Not for pregnancy.

    No equipment needed

  • Booty Camp 2

    A very un-dancey barre inspired workout you can do from home! Grab a chair and get moving - designed for super fast results in toning your lower body - especially the PEACH! Be ready to shake!

    You will need: A chair or bench

  • Toned Arms 1

    An upper body workout designed to sculpt your arms and chest! Using the resistance band coupled with unique Pilates movements, you’ll be ready to drop after this short but sharp workout.

    You will need: 1.5m Resistance Band

  • Cardio Shred

    Designed for those who hate cardio… but know it’s good for them. 15 minutes is all you need to boost your metabolism and fire your body into fat burning mode with our Cardio Shred workout. Using the sliding discs to max your heart rate without putting pressure on your joints.

    Below are the exer...

  • Pre Natal Stretch

    Release those tight and aching muscles from pregnancy symptoms with Bec's Prenatal Stretch class.