Train With Alberto

Train With Alberto

Known for his spicy barre classes and funk based DJ sets, this is a man you NEED in your life… Our Byron Bay instructor Alberto has a cult following, so much so that we just HAD to get his classes onto the app for our online fam. 

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Train With Alberto
  • Total Body with Alberto

    Work your body top to toe with Alberto in this 30 minute, equipment free class. Pregnancy friendly - but never sweat free!

  • Arms by Alberto

    It's time for Arms By Alberto! 20 minutes of upper body to leave you feeling stronger and standing taller. Let's go!

  • Alberto's Barre Express

    Join Alberto for an express workout targeting your legs like nothing else in less than 20 minutes. Pregnancy friendly and all you need is a chair!

  • At The Barre With Alberto

    Get a sweat on in 10 minutes with Alberto's burn at the barre!

  • Abs with Alberto

    Join Alberto for this 30 minute ab blast - you won't regret connecting to your deep core in this killer Pilates class.

  • Lower Body with Alberto

    Join our Spicy Italian for an even spicier lower body workout! Be ready to sweat it out with this equipment free burn that is also pregnancy friendly!