Learn the basics of Pilates and the Peaches method? Check out our Pilates 101 series with handy hints and tips when it comes to form, cues and getting the most out of your workouts!

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  • Align Yo Spine

    Learn the basics when it comes to spinal alignment in Pilates. Here we discuss neutral, and how the correct postural positions can amplify your results!

  • Plank It Up

    Planking is more than a 2011 youtube fad - this movement builds total body strength - particularly through your core. Bec takes us through the basics of a plank with baby Hunter on board!

  • The Point And Flex

    Foot position is a common queue in Pilates. Tori explains all in less than 2 minutes!

  • Whiny Wrists

    We get loads of complaints from clients that their wrists feel weak or sore during four point kneeling or planking positions. The best way to strengthen your wrists is to USE THEM! But Bec's here to give you some pointers to alleviate wrist pain. 3 minute video!

  • Perfect Push Ups

    How to do the perfect push up. Bec can even do them with Baby Hunter on board so you have no excuses! Get your push ups perfect in 2 minutes.

  • Drop It Like A Squat

    Squats are one of the best movements you can do to safely build leg strength, get your heart rate up or even just warm up for a run or bigger workout. Learn the proper form with Tori to avoid injury and get the most out of this movement.