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Watch this video and more on Peaches Pilates Online

Watch this video and more on Peaches Pilates Online

Sculpt and Strengthen: Pilates Arm Burn

JUST LANDED • 9m 13s


  • Total Ab Sculpt (Pilates Ball option)

    Strengthen your core and lift your energy with our Total Ab Sculpt using the Pilates ball. This invigorating session focuses on building the Pilates corset, targeting deep abdominal muscles through precise, controlled movements. The Pilates ball adds an extra layer of challenge, enhancing core e...

  • Booty Burn and Inner Thigh Sculpt

    Welcome to your Mindful Booty Burn and Inner Thigh Sculpt, a session designed to energize your body and challenge your mind. Suitable for all fitness levels, this workout not only targets your lower body but also sharpens your mental focus, leaving you feeling invigorated and empowered.

  • Inner Thigh Sizzle

    This 15 minute burner targets the tiny adductor muscles to feel that strengthening and lengthening through your inner thighs. This is a great video to tune into your mind body connection to get the right muscles switching on!