First Trimester

First Trimester

4 Seasons

This calendar begins from week 6 of pregnancy, and is a guide, not a bible. We believe variety is key which is why we include all of our signature workouts and exercise styles - Pilates, strength, cardio, stretching and more. Every second week we give you a chance to revisit prescribed classes so you can work on your form. please remember to take the suggested modifications and remove resistance tools as needed.

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First Trimester
  • Prenatal Calendar Week 6-13

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  • Peaches Pilates 18

    Episode 1

    Laura takes you through a signature Peaches Pilates burn using no equipment. This is a 30 minute full body workout with a strong focus on the booty and waist.

  • Power Circuit 3

    Episode 2

    Join Tori for this lower body circuit - using 10kg, 2 x 5kg dumbbells. Perfect for gym lovers and those who enjoy resistance training. If you don't have anything to step up on, we provide an option to lunge instead.

    Pregnant? Take it slow and let your heart rate drop when you're feeling out of b...

  • Band Burn 2

    Episode 3

  • Baby On Board - Total Body 19/04/21

    Episode 4

    **Pelvic Pain Sisters - this class has a small side horse kick included, you may need to skip this exercise, listen to you body**

    Pregnancy safe.

  • Lower Body Release

    Episode 5

    Welcome to a beautiful lower body release class that your body will thank you for. During the class you will open up through the hips, release the glutes and work on mobility. Some days this is the only kind of movement our body desires. Enjoy Peach!