Shake what your mumma gave you with our booty workouts, designed to strengthen and tone those glutes. Build that dream butt with our targeted Pilates sessions that Peaches is famous for.

At PEACHES, we exist to MPFFA - make people feel f*cking awesome! Your goal may be to lose weight, build strength or recover from injury. Whatever goal you have we want you to feel great above all else! No gimmicks, no fads, no restrictions just real women getting real results. Take your pick from our online booty training classes and feel good in your own skin, working hard at those inner thighs, glutes and hamstrings. Strong glutes will help protect your back, improve running if that’s what you’re into and help lay the foundation for overall strength and conditioning. Plus who doesn’t love a juicy booty! We like big butts and we cannot lie.

Our booty workout classes are perfect for women (and men) of all fitness levels. If you’re a veteran - throw on a set of our ankle weights for that extra burn!
If you’re really keen to step it up - check out our 7-day booty challenge that’ll leave you sore for days and your legs shaking. Build a stronger lower body and strengthen your core, all from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you are.

Take your pick from workouts including:
A 20-minute booty band blitz
Pick from 8 targeted booty camps
Boxing, waist, booty
Post natal booty workouts
Pregnancy booty workouts

From horse kicks to hip thrusts – you’ll work your glutes like never before in our specialised classes that are tailored to the modern woman. At PEACHES, we’re motivated by helping women just like you to kick-butt (literally) with authentic booty training online that ditches the bullshit that often comes with the fitness industry. Rise to the challenge and get a twerk-worthy bum you’ll be proud to bust a move with.

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  • Pilates For Tight Hips 2

    Milly treats you to another one of her equipment free Pilates For Tight Hips workout. This class will have you feeling the burn and stretching your glutes and hips along the way. Milly might say that it's not a hardcore workout but it sure does a pack a mean punch to the booty.

  • Booty Camp 9

    Join Milly for another Booty Camp workout. This 40 minute workout includes all of her favourite Peaches Pilates moves that are known to deliver the best results. Milly uses no equipment but you have the option to use a booty band or ankle weight to make it extra spicy.

  • Booty Band Blitz

    Pop those booty bands on ladies. This 20 minute workout is all you need to get the glutes firing. Expect lots of pulses with Bec in this killer workout!

    Pregnancy safe.

  • Booty x Abs

    Grab your booty band and get ready to feel a classic Peaches Pilates burn!
    Milly spends 25 minutes on the mat with you focusing on your glutes and abs - enjoy Peach!
    - Not for pregnancy.

  • 30 20 10 Booty Challenge

    Join Tori for an express challenge using 30,20,10 reps over 5 different exercises. Short and sharp with minimal rest, this class is designed to give you a burn - along with an endorphin hit - FAST!

    Pregnancy safe.

    Pregnancy safe - Tori is 35 weeks here. Be sure to hit pause to catch your breath...

  • Ultimate Dumbbell Booty Camp

    Join Tori for an Ultimate Dumbbell Booty Workout! We recommend you load up on dumbbell weight here - listen to your body and pick a weight that is a challenge for you.

    Pregnancy safe.

    Take us to the gym with you!

    15 x Squat 3 Sec Hold

    15 x 3 Pulse Squat L Heel Raise

    15 x 3 Pulse ...

  • Booty Camp 1

    It wouldn’t be Peaches without a serious BOOTY CAMP! A nod to one of Tori’s original classes when she first started instructing in 2012, Booty Camp is a 20 minute glutes focused session designed to sculpt a JUICY BUTT!
    - Pregnancy safe.

    No equipment needed

  • Booty Camp 2

    A very un-dancey barre inspired workout you can do from home! Grab a chair and get moving - designed for super fast results in toning your lower body - especially the PEACH! Be ready to shake!

    You will need: A chair or bench

  • Booty Camp 3

    It wouldn’t be Peaches Online without BOOTY CAMP! Join Tori for round three of this lower body focussed class - inspired by our Barre classes in the studios. Grab a chair and a pair of 1kg dumbbells, and be ready to feel those legs shake!

    You will need: 1kg dumbbells, a chair, a tea towel

  • Booty Camp 4

    A short and sweet booty burner suitable for pregnancy, guaranteed to give you a signature Tori toosh toning session

    You will need: Pilates Ball

  • Booty Camp 5

    Get ready for a serious burn in this 20 minute Booty Camp workout with Tori, using our XXFirm Booty Band!
    - Pregnancy safe (remove band at any time).

  • Booty Camp 6 (ankle weights optional)

    A booty focussed workout by Tori using 2kg ankle weights... uh oh.

  • Booty Camp 7 (Booty Band Optional)

    Grab a Booty Band and join Milly for another Peaches Booty Camp! Deeply target your glutes in this specialty class - using an XFirm band to spice things up! Can also be done entirely equipment free!

  • Booty Camp 8

    Join Milly for a 20 minute signature Peaches Booty Camp. You won't need any equipment to feel the burn. But if you're feeling game, grab your booty band or ankle weight for the ultimate burn.
    - Pregnancy safe

  • Boxing Waist Booty

    Not a boxing connoisseur? Neither is Tori! Have fun in this workout, knowing that you can still get a great burn on, without being an expert. This class has a special mix of boxing for cardio, and Tori’s favourite Pilates moves to target the waist and booty.

    You will need: 2 x 1kg dumbbells

  • Booty Band Burn

    Get yourself a juicy booty with our favourite piece of equipment!

    You will need: Booty Band

  • Post C Core And Booty

    Join Lauren for a post natal core and booty workout. This class was filmed with c-section mamas in mind, but is designed to be enjoyed by anyone!

  • Baby On Board - Booty Camp 12/05/21

  • Baby On Board - Booty Camp 21/04/21