10 Minutes

10 Minutes

Workout by time - 30 minutes!

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10 Minutes
  • Abs Blast 6

    A quick 12 minute ab burn. No equipment required.

  • Disc Challenge 1

    Get your heart rate up with this short but definitely not sweet discs challenge, with a waist focus.

  • Barre Burn 1

    An express barre workout for a pick me up!

  • Stretch Sesh 1

    A how-to stretch video to release your body after a workout OR a long working day. Perfect for those who struggle with back pain after hours spent at a desk.

    No equipment needed

  • Boxing Foundations

    New to boxing? Don’t stress - we’re here to help! In this video, Bec talks you through the basics of boxing punches and stances, and educates us on how to get the most of our a boxing class.

    You will need: 1kg dumbbells