Finding time to go to the gym or head to a fitness class is a daily battle – we feel you. So at PEACHES PILATES, we’ve pulled together a series of realistic and effective 10-minute home workouts that will fit around the chaotic schedules we all know too well. We believe exercise should be something you enjoy and never feel like a grind. Our classes are fun, upbeat and these shorter sessions are a great place to start if you need something quick to kick you back into gear. A quick 10 minute workout is all you need to get your endorphins flowing.

Feel inspired by our 10-minute workouts
After a long day at work – or navigating the adventures of your kids; it’s time to give back to yourself. This is a great place to start. The PEACHES PILATES community is a transparent, supportive and empowered hub of like minded women. We cut the bullsh*t that is so prevalent in the fitness industry, we just want you - and thousands of other women in over 50 countries - to become the best versions of yourself, leaving you feeling strong, confident and with a genuine passion for keeping active. Use our 10-minute workouts at home to power yourself up when you need a quick endorphin hit or add them onto another session if you need a little more juice. Tailored to real women just like you, our classes are perfect for all levels of experience..

From beginners to veterans – PEACHES PILATES is for you
Our vibrant studios in Sydney and Byron Bay all offer 45 minutes sessions but we’ve applied the same principals to our 10 minute Pilates workouts - loads of reps and total body toning. At Peaches our purpose is to MPFFA - “make people feel f***king awesome” - and we guarantee you can do that in just 10 minutes a day. All our instructors have helped hundreds of women in our studios and they bring that experience to the screen as well. If you’re keen to train with them in person head to peachespilates.com/studios to find a studio near you.

Feel like a 10-minute ab workout? How about a 10-minute morning workout to help you kick start your day? Dive into one of the workouts below to get started.

Looking for something longer? Head to online.peachespilates.com/workouts-by-duration

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  • Inner Thigh Express

    This express workout using the Pilates ring focus' on your booty and inner thighs. You'll be begging for the 15 minutes to be over during this killer class.
    - Pregnancy safe

  • Abs Blast 6

    A quick 12 minute ab burn. No equipment required.
    - Not for pregnancy

  • Disc Challenge 1

    Get your heart rate up with this short but definitely not sweet discs challenge, with a waist focus.

  • Barre Burn 1

    An express barre workout for a pick me up!
    - Pregnancy safe

  • Stretch Sesh 1

    A how-to stretch video to release your body after a workout OR a long working day. Perfect for those who struggle with back pain after hours spent at a desk.

    No equipment needed

  • Boxing Foundations

    New to boxing? Don’t stress - we’re here to help! In this video, Bec talks you through the basics of boxing punches and stances, and educates us on how to get the most of our a boxing class.

    You will need: 1kg dumbbells