Train With Laura

Train With Laura

Hey guys I'm Laura! I started out as a client at the original Peaches Bondi studio several years ago. I loved Peaches so much that I got certified and became a Peaches instructor as soon as I could, I was then promoted to studio manager and am now the co-owner of Peaches Byron Bay. I've been instructing for 3 years and am certified in Mat Pilates, Pilates for pregnancy, Pilates with the small ball, Slider Pilates, Boxilates and Barre.

I'm obsessed with Beyonce and every one of my playlists will include at least one Bey song. I call upon my own version of Sasha Fierce when I'm teaching and it gives me an extra bit of sass in class! I have a cavoodle named Rafi who is my absolute pride and joy and my IG is mostly about him.

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Train With Laura
  • Core & Ball

    Laura uses the Pilates ball to work your abs and waist with this spicy 30 minute workout. You'll feel a deep burn within minutes and will definitely add this to your favourites.
    - Not pregnancy

  • ABSolute Burn

    When Laura programs fifteen minutes, then that's all you're going to need. This killer ab workout uses a yoga block however, if you do not have one grab a thick book or nothing at all. Get ready to feel the burn, lengthen your body and Get Peachy with this quickie.
    - Not for pregnancy

  • Peaches Pilates 18

    Laura takes you through a signature Peaches Pilates burn using no equipment. This is a 30 minute full body workout with a strong focus on the booty and waist.

  • Abs Blast 10 Express

    This express abs workout with Laura packs a killer burn. An equipment free class that works your entire core - you'll be glad it's only 15 minutes.
    - Not for pregnancy

  • Abs Blast 9 Express

    Laura uses the Pilates ball for this 15 minute abs blast workout. Get ready to feel the burn and work the entire core.
    - Not for pregnancy

  • HIIP 6

    Get hot and sweaty with Laura during this 30 minute cardio workout. This is an interval style class with 45 seconds on clock with three rounds of each exercise. You'll need 1kg hand weights - if you don't have them then grab some tins from the pantry and you're good to go.

  • Power Pilates 8

    Laura will work you from top to toe in this Peaches Power Pilates workout. Grab your 3kg dumbbells and get ready to feel the burn in your abs, arms and legs.

  • Peaches Pilates 16

    Laura is back with a signature Peaches Pilates workout. A total body toning class that is completely equipment free. If you really want to spice things up then grab your ankle weights!

  • Barre Burn 8

    Get ready for a spicy Barre workout that will have your legs shaking in no time. Laura has designed this workout to lengthen and strengthen the legs and booty using no equipment.

  • Barre Burn 6

    Join Laura for a spicy Barre Burn workout. Grab your chair and get ready to lengthen and strengthen your body with a strong focus on the legs.

    Pregnancy safe.

  • Slider Pilates 3

    Join Laura for another Slider Pilates class! Work up a sweat using sliding discs - or even a pair of socks! A killer burn with a special focus on the legs and back!

    Not for pregnancy.

  • HIIP Pilates 4

    Join Laura for a HIIP Pilates workout using only 2 x 3kg dumbbells. This 35 minute workout is designed as a circuit on your mat. Get ready to sweat!

  • Slider Pilates 2

    Let's get sweaty! Laura is back with Slider Pilates 2 - this killer session will be sure to get your heart rate up while you focus on the core and legs.

  • Barre Burn 6

    This 20min Barre Burn is a total body toning workout requires NO Barre . Laura has designed this workout to challenge and improve your balance - get ready to shake!

  • Barre Burn 5

    A standing barre workout using hand weights. Try this express class with Laura for a killer burn - chair free!

  • Peaches Pilates 6

    Join Laura for a 35 minute Peaches Pilates workout. A full body workout that focus' on strengthening the core, and working the booty and abs.

  • HIIP Pilates 2

    Our second round of High Intensity Interval Pilates with Laura!

  • Slider Pilates 1

    A homage to the reformer - try this killer session using sliders and a ball to get a killer burn.

  • Barre Burn 4

    She's back! Join Laura from her new setup in Byron Bay for a serious leg burner.

  • Barre Burn 3

    A signature Laura Barre Burn - get ready for those legs to shake - all you need is a chair!
    - Pregnancy safe.

  • Abs Blast 4

    Join Laura for a quick, but not so sweet Abs Blast. This workout is equipment free focusing on the core.

  • Barre Burn 2

    Join Laura for a 30 minute Barre workout. Grab your chair and get ready to feel the burn and watch the legs shake.
    - Pregnancy safe

  • Fri 21/8 8:00am AEST | Monster Abs With Laura

  • Sat 22/08 8:00am AEST | Pilates With Laura