Pilates Advent Calendar

Pilates Advent Calendar

Coming this December to the app...
Whether you subscribe to Christmas or not, the Peaches Pilates Advent Calendar is for you! To celebrate the end of 2023, we'll be dropping daily surprise workouts to our advent calendar on the app!

The Pilates Advent Calendar was designed for you to dive head first into the festive season - but maintain a small part of your wellness routine. We've created it with a 'no excuses' policy in mind:

No time? Each session is only 10 minutes, you can fit it in.

No equipment? Each session is equipment free. All you need is your body.

Going on holiday? Our app is on your phone. We'll be travelling with you.

No motivation? Peach - we're here to give you a loving prod. Whether you're hung over, burnt out, too hot (Australia), too cold (aboard) or too lazy - these sessions only ask you to find your way onto the floor and stay with us for 10 minutes. We can guarantee that you'll finish feeling better than when you started. Plus - SOME OF THE DAYS are a delicious mediation that require no exercise at all, YA WELCOME!

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Pilates Advent Calendar
  • 10 Minute Boxing

    Join Bec for a boxing circuit, one of her favourite ways to ove. Get ready to sweat and get out of your funk in just 12 minutes.
    Happy punching Peach!

  • Gratitude Meditation

    Join Mia for a mindful moment - find gratitude during the holiday season.

  • Start Your Day In 10 Minutes

    Welcome to your Pilates Advent Calendar! Day 1 kicks off with a simple Day Starter workout with Tori. Simple moves in a circuit style class designed to boost energy, release endorphins and kick start your day! Happy moving!

  • Wobbly Legs In 10 Minutes

    Join Sarah for this killer standing leg workout. Work on your balance by using your core and strengthen all the muscles in your lower body. It's a spicy one - lucky it's quick!

  • Being Intentional Meditation

    Join Mia for a mindful moment - find intention ahead of the new year.

  • Endorphin Express

    Join Tori for an Endorphin Hit! A simple circuit to get the blood flowing and good vibes pumping - it's only 10 minutes, Peach. You've got this!

  • Arms In 10 Minutes

    Because we can never give our posture enough love. This upper body workout with Sarah is not only a killer burn but she also guides you through exercises to improve and strengthen your posture. Ten minutes with you, Sarah and your arms - go get em!

  • Bec's 10 Minute Waist Workout

    Get ready to switch on your waist in no time with Bec. This express class includes moves that target all the muscles for the Pilates corset Peaches is known for. You're welcome Peach!

  • Laura's 10 Minute Legs

    Get ready to say hello to your quads with this quick leg workout. Laura picked two very simple, yet spicy moves that will once again humble you into knowing that no matter how strong you are - sometimes doing less is more!

  • Booty In 10 Minutes With Sarah

    Join Sarah for this ten minute booty burn. She guides you through a Pilates bridges series that will will strengthen your glutes, stabilise your hips and mobilise your spine. Who knew you could get so many benefits in such a short amount of time - you're welcome Peach!

  • Sending Love Meditation

    Join Mia for a mindful moment - sending love at the end of the year.

  • Killer Abs In 10 Minutes

    Who doesn't love a short, sharp and spicy ab burn. This ten minute workout with Sarah targets all your deep core muscles - a love a hate kinda workout.

  • Posture Love with Tori

    Join Tori for a 10 minute Posture Love session. Activate your posterior chain and walk away feeling challenged and aligned!

  • 10 Minute Inner Thighs

    Get ready to say hello to your inner thighs with Bec. This ten minute workout is all about the legs with a min focus on your adductors. Long, lean legs here we come!

  • 10 Minute Abs with Laura

    Mobilise your spine AND feel the burn in this killer ab workout with Laura. You're going to ABsolutely love this quicky ;)

  • Arms And Posture Express

    Tone your arms and improve your posture with this ten minute arm burn. Bec combines two exercises that will send fire through your arms but leave you feel stronger and longer at the same time. Go get it Peach!

  • 10 Minute Booty with Laura

    If there's one thing we do right here at Peaches, it's a booty class. Ten minutes with Laura is all you need to get acquainted with a good ol Peachy burn, with a side of waist work because... Peaches of course!

  • Body Acceptance Meditation

    Join Mia for a mindful moment - leaning in to body acceptance during the festive season.

  • Sarah's Cardio In 10 Minutes

    If there's one thing Sarah can do, it's make you sweat within seconds. This ten minute cardio workout has it all - the sweat and the burn. You're welcome Peach!

  • Tori's 10 Minute Booty Burn

    Join Tori for an express Booty Flow. Get deep into your glute muscles with this class that is low on impact but high on burn, baby!

  • 10 Minute Barre

    Queen of the Barre Laura will get those legs burning and shaking in just seconds. Grab a chair or stand at a bend and I promise you'll be stoked that this is only 10 minutes.

    - Pregnancy safe

  • 10 Minute Total Body

    Join Bec as she works you from top to toe in ten. This full body Pilates class targets your booty, arms and core with all our favourite Peachy moves.

  • 10 Minute Sweat Out With Laura

    Our sweet Laura is back to make you sweat. This 10 minute cardio sesh will give you everything you need in a workout today - feel the burn and watch the sweat drip! Go get it Peach!

  • Calm And Relaxation Meditation

    Join Mia for a mindful moment - finding calm and relaxation amidst the busy holiday period.