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Join us for Let’s Get Fit - a dedicated training program that will not only increase your baseline fitness and longevity, but inject a burst of endorphins into your body that you never even knew you were missing. Cardiovascular training boasts an overwhelming amount of benefits - including the proven ability to lower your blood pressure, aid sleep, strengthen your immune system, facilitate weight loss, improve your mental health and even significantly impact chronic pain.

It’s time Peach, and we’re here to help. Let’s Get Fit.

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  • Energy Boost

    Episode 1

    The perfect workout to get your mood out of your boots. In just 15 minutes Sarah guides you through her favourite moves and routine that she uses when she's short on time but is craving a mini workout. Yep that's right Peach, just 15 minutes and we guarantee an endorphins for a mood booster - you...

  • Pilates Flow 2

    Episode 2

    Join Tori for another Pilates Flow. This full body workout will give you the ultimate burn and leave you feeling longer and stronger. To spice things up Tori uses two ankle weights. However, this is completely optional.

  • Cardio Pilates 2

    Episode 3

    Join Milly for another killer Cardio Pilates. Get ready to sweat with with equipment free high intensity but low impact workout. Good luck Peach!

  • Boxing Sweat & Burn

    Episode 4

    Bec is back with a sweaty new boxing sesh - which marries the total body toning power of Pilates with the high intensity cardio burn of boxing. Be ready to burn, baby!

  • Slide & Burn

    Episode 5

    The kind of workout where you don't move fast but you still sweat anyway - the sliding discs will do that to you. This workout will challenge you from top to toe whilst lengthening and strengthening your muscles at the same time. By using the discs and Pilates ball Laura guides you through moves ...

  • Mobility Release

    Episode 6

    It's time for some recovery Peach! Laura treats you to some beautiful stretches and poses that open your hips, chest and shoulders. Create a comfortable calm space and spend some time slowing down the body and mind - you won't regret this!

    - Not for pregnancy