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Join us for Let’s Get Fit - a dedicated training program that will not only increase your baseline fitness and longevity, but inject a burst of endorphins into your body that you never even knew you were missing. Cardiovascular training boasts an overwhelming amount of benefits - including the proven ability to lower your blood pressure, aid sleep, strengthen your immune system, facilitate weight loss, improve your mental health and even significantly impact chronic pain.

It’s time Peach, and we’re here to help. Let’s Get Fit.

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  • Cardio Pilates

    Episode 1

    This 40 minute cardio Pilates workout is filled with lengthening and strengthening moves. You will be sweating in no time with this full body workout focusing on using Pilates moves at a faster pace.
    - Not for pregnancy
    Not for pregnancy

  • Pilates Flow

    Episode 2

    Filmed in lockdown! Join Tori for for a Pilates Flow... This class has a special focus on Posture - you'll feel juushed from top to toe afterwards. Want more of a challenge? Strap on some ankle weights!

    - Not for Pregnancy

  • Ready, Steady, Sweaty

    Episode 3

    Get sweaty with Sarah in this 30 minute workout. Sarah uses dumbbells - your choice of 1-2kg - as she takes you through a strong full body burn. Expect short, sharp rounds in this cardio circuit and a spicy ab burn on the mat to finish off.
    A great workout to revisit and feel the progress in your...

  • Laura's Booty Camp

    Episode 4

    Join Laura for a classic booty camp workout. This particular workout has been known to pack out Maroubra studio every Tuesday when Laura taught there. So grab your2kg hand weights - but don't skip this if you don't have weights - and get ready to feel the booty BURN!!!

    - Not for pregnancy

  • abs x arms

    Episode 5

    Join Bec for a bespoke class dedicated to two of her favourite areas to train - the arms and the abs! Dumbbells optional!

  • Full Body Release

    Episode 6

    A gift from Milly to your entire your body with a beautiful stretching session. It's time to give back to yourself with this full body release. Recovery is just as important as working out and this class is a great one to return to when your mind and body is telling you to slow down. Enjoy Peach!