5 Seasons

This series isn’t just for complete beginners, or Pilates noobs - maybe you’re returning to movement after an injury; perhaps you are a total gym junkie, and you're wanting to increase your mobility, stamina and your performance when you’re in the gym… maybe - like our founder Tori, you’re in your postpartum period, and you’re ready to dip your toe back into the world of Pilates after having a baby. You could be a runner, who’s sick of getting constantly injured, and your physio has sent you off to try some Pilates. Whoever you are, and whatever your body needs, this series of workouts is the perfect way to lay a foundation for your ongoing Pilates practice. Let’s Begin!

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  • Beginner Circuit

    Episode 1

    Join Head Trainer Bec for one of her specialities - a strength circuit! At Peaches Pilates we believe that variety is the spice of working out and when it comes to strength training Bec is your girl. This class involves using dumbbells for six exercises - Bec uses 3kgs but if you are just getting...

  • Booty Burn Express

    Episode 2

    Join Mia for an express booty burn using the Pilates. This 15 minute workout targets the muscles that live in your glutes -glute maxiumus, medius and minimus - that's right Peach, you have THREE booty muscles. By using the ball you'll be giving your hamstrings and inner thighs a bit of love too.

  • Pilates With Laura

    Episode 3

    Join for a 30 minute Peaches Pilates full body workout. This equipment free class targets your glutes, waist and abs. A workout worth revisiting with a booty band or ankle weight to track your progress.

  • Core & Mindfullness

    Episode 4

    Join Mia for a 15 minute slow burn that focus' on your core. This workout is equipment free and will highlight how using just your body weight and only a short time on the mat will still guarantee a deep and effective Pilates burn.
    You'll be treated to some mindfullness with Mia at the end givin...

  • Feel Good Stretch

    Episode 5

    Join Laura for a 20 minute stretch you need in your life. This class focus' on releasing your glutes, hips and waist - the Peachy areas. Recovery is a crucial part of your exercise routine so add this to your favourites and thank us later.