5 Seasons

This series isn’t just for complete beginners, or Pilates noobs - maybe you’re returning to movement after an injury; perhaps you are a total gym junkie, and you're wanting to increase your mobility, stamina and your performance when you’re in the gym… maybe - like our founder Tori, you’re in your postpartum period, and you’re ready to dip your toe back into the world of Pilates after having a baby. You could be a runner, who’s sick of getting constantly injured, and your physio has sent you off to try some Pilates. Whoever you are, and whatever your body needs, this series of workouts is the perfect way to lay a foundation for your ongoing Pilates practice. Let’s Begin!

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  • Let's Get Started

    Episode 1

    THE Pilates workout to "Get Started" with us. Peaches Founder, Tori guides you through a 40 minute, full body Peaches Pilates class that is entirely equipment free. Whether you are new to Pilates, post partum or a gym junkie whose body craves more mobility and strength. It might be for beginners ...

  • Booty On The Side

    Episode 2

    Learn what muscle isolation is all about in this juicy side lying workout that targets your glute minimus and medius. These two muscles are super important for pelvic stability and movements associated with the hip joint, plus they play a big role in a juicy toosh ;)

    - Pregnancy safe
    No equipmen...

  • Burn & Breathe

    Episode 3

    Join Sarah as she guides you through a class where you will learn how to use your Pilates breath effectively to engage all the right muscles. This class will not only calm your nervous system but it's sure to work your upper body, booty and core. Sarah uses a Pilates ball however, if you don't ha...

  • Quick Waist Burn

    Episode 4

    Work your waist with Mia in this express class. No equipment needed, just you and your mat. This workout is all about using your obliques and muscles in your waist to shape, tone and strengthen that Pilates corset!

  • 10 Min Desk Stretch

    Episode 5

    Every day at Peaches, we see clients who complain of injuries and postural problems linked to their sedentary time at work. Small daily habits like getting up and moving your body can be hugely beneficial in counteracting this discomfort. Join Tori for her Desk Stretch Routine - the perfect way t...