June Challenge

June Challenge

4 Seasons

This month we have programmed your weeks for you to experience a typical week as a Peaches studio member but from the comfort of your home.
Each week includes 5 classes, plus a dedicated stretch and mobility sessions to keep you at your best.

Monday: Peaches Pilates signature class
Tuesday: Power because we don't compromise on strength
Wednesday: Core-focused session
Thursday: Cardio for an endorphin hit
Friday: Another Peaches Pilates burn
Saturday & Sunday: Recovery class and rest day

Changes in your workout schedule are totally okay! Try and aim for at least four workout sessions and one recovery session each week and we promise you'll feel stronger and more energised in both your body and mind! Ready? Let's go!

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June Challenge
  • Waist & Booty Challenge 2

    Episode 1

    Get ready to literally feel your waist strengthen with this Pilates style workout. Join Bec (and Hux) as she marries the booty and waist during this Peachy burn. No equipment necessary - however, if you really want to spice things up you can add ankle weights.
    - Not for pregnancy

  • Pilates For Strength

    Episode 2

    Milly has designed this 30 minute workout to challenge your basic Pilates movements that you know well by adding heavier resistance - such a fantastic way to recognise your progress if you've been getting peachy with us for a while. You'll need a 2 x 3kg dumbbells (give or take) and an ankle weig...

  • All Out Abs

    Episode 3

    Laura has another core class for you, and we just know you're going to love this deep burn. Pilates ball optional - next day sore abs, unavoidable!

  • Low Impact Cardio With Sarah

    Episode 4

    Our Cardio Queen Sarah takes you through a workout that will lift your heart rate without putting pressure on your joints - did someone say no burpees?
    Sarah will guide you through low impact option so that you can take it at your own pace. All you'll need is 1kg hand weights - if you don't have ...

  • Just The Essentials

    Episode 5

    Join Tori for Just The Essentials - a ball focussed workout dedicated to her 'essentials': the waist, booty and abs of course!

  • Evening Release

    Episode 6

    Join Milly for a beautiful wind down stretch. She takes you through her favourite stretches to use before bed or even during the day for when you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. Set the mood with a herbal tea, candle or whatever makes you feel zen and remember, recovery is just as important ...