TONE: Top To Toe

TONE: Top To Toe

Join us for this eight-class workout series designed to tone your body TOP TO TOE:
Power Booty with Tori
Slider Shred with Bec
Strong Legs with Milly
The Plank & Ball Challenge with Laura
Snatched Waist with Tori
Core X Arms with Bec
Perfect Your Posture with Milly
All Out Abs with Laura

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TONE: Top To Toe
  • Power Booty

    Join Tori for a resistance based workout dedicated to the PEACH! This is a great workout to take to the gym with you - feel free to up the kgs on your dumbbells, but always remember, form over weight!

  • Slide and Burn

    Join Bec for 30 minute Pilates workout using the sliding discs. A full body workout with moves you might find on a reformer but on the mat there is no where to hide.

  • Strong legs

    Join Milly for a STRONG LEGS session. Equipment free, harnessing the power of classic Pilates moves to lengthen, strengthen and tone.

  • Plank and Ball Challenge

    One of our most loved new classes to land on the app - Laura's Plank and Ball Challenge! We hope you're ready to shake, sweat and swear, Peachies - cos your core is about to get a run for it's money.

  • Snatched Waist

    Join Tori in training one of her favourite areas of the body to tone: The Waist! An express workout you can do from anywhere - this class will be your new to-go for a snatched waistline and speedy endorphin hit.

  • abs x arms

    Join Bec for a bespoke class dedicated to two of her favourite areas to train - the arms and the abs! Dumbbells optional!

  • Perfect Your Posture

    Join Milly for a class that gives back! Perfect your posture and rid back pain with this lovingly created workout dedicated to your posterior chain.

  • All Out Abs

    Laura has another core class for you, and we just know you're going to love this deep burn. Pilates ball optional - next day sore abs, unavoidable!