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Join us for Let’s Get Fit - a dedicated training program that will not only increase your baseline fitness and longevity, but inject a burst of endorphins into your body that you never even knew you were missing. Cardiovascular training boasts an overwhelming amount of benefits - including the proven ability to lower your blood pressure, aid sleep, strengthen your immune system, facilitate weight loss, improve your mental health and even significantly impact chronic pain.

It’s time Peach, and we’re here to help. Let’s Get Fit.

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  • The Sweat Express

    Episode 1

    Join Sarah for a quick and sweaty 20 minute cardio workout. A great class to do when you're short on time or before you go for a walk. Sarah chooses 2kg dumbbells for this workout but suggests you can go up to 3kgs if you're in the mood to really push yourself today.

    - Not for pregnancy

  • Slide & Burn

    Episode 2

    The kind of workout where you don't move fast but you still sweat anyway - the sliding discs will do that to you. This workout will challenge you from top to toe whilst lengthening and strengthening your muscles at the same time. By using the discs and Pilates ball Laura guides you through moves ...

  • Boxing x Strength

    Episode 3

    This 25 minute boxing workout combines the cardio that comes from boxing and some strength exercises to make sure you get a workout that ticks all boxes. Grab your hand weights and get ready to sweat and to feel a burn in your arms, abs and legs!!
    - Not for pregnancy.

  • Ready, Steady, Sweaty

    Episode 4

    Get sweaty with Sarah in this 30 minute workout. Sarah uses dumbbells - your choice of 1-2kg - as she takes you through a strong full body burn. Expect short, sharp rounds in this cardio circuit and a spicy ab burn on the mat to finish off.
    A great workout to revisit and feel the progress in your...

  • Deep Pilates Burn

    Episode 5

    Bec sets your booty on fire with this 30 minute Pilates class. This signature Peaches style workout has a strong focus on all three glute muscles - grab your ankle weights if you have them but still expect a deep burn if you don't.

  • A Juicy Stretch With Laura

    Episode 6

    Stretch your entire body in less than 20 minutes with Laura. This beautiful class is full of stretches that release your legs, hips and upper body - just what we need after getting Peachy. Add this to your favourites Peach and make sure you give back to your body so it keep giving back to you!