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Join us for Let’s Get Fit - a dedicated training program that will not only increase your baseline fitness and longevity, but inject a burst of endorphins into your body that you never even knew you were missing. Cardiovascular training boasts an overwhelming amount of benefits - including the proven ability to lower your blood pressure, aid sleep, strengthen your immune system, facilitate weight loss, improve your mental health and even significantly impact chronic pain.

It’s time Peach, and we’re here to help. Let’s Get Fit.

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  • Weekly Planner - Let's Get FIT

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  • Cardio Pilates 3

    Episode 1

    Your third Cardio Pilates workout with Milly is a spicy one. This full body burn uses a booty band - not necessary if you don't have one. Get ready to sweat and feel that endorphin hit!

  • Peaches Pilates 7 - Progressions

    Episode 2

    Join Tori for an equipment free class - focussing on progressions! This class starts with stripped back versions of movement, encouraging you to perfect your form, before adding on a challenge, and again - to deliver a deep burn! Always using your core, this workout focuses on the booty, upper bo...

  • Boxing Circuit

    Episode 3

    It's time to sweat it out with Bec in this 30 minute Boxing workout. This class is all about keeping it simple so you can just keep moving. It's 30 seconds on the clock for a series of exercises that will make your arms cry and the rest of your body burn. Happy boxing Peach!

  • Total Body Cardio

    Episode 4

    If you're here to sweat then you've come to the right place. This 30 minute cardio workout with Sarah is a spicy one. She will work you from top to toe only using 2kg dumbbells. If you don't have weights - do not move on - you can do this equipment free. Check in and let us know if you survived ;...

  • Posture Please

    Episode 5

    Let's perfect that posture AND get a good ol' Peaches Pilates workout in at the same time. Join Bec for a 30 minute workout using 1kg hand weights and a booty band as she guides you through a series of exercises to strengthen your posture which means also focusing on your booty, abs and arms. Fee...

  • Evening Release

    Episode 6

    Join Milly for a beautiful wind down stretch. She takes you through her favourite stretches to use before bed or even during the day for when you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. Set the mood with a herbal tea, candle or whatever makes you feel zen and remember, recovery is just as important ...