5 Seasons

This series isn’t just for complete beginners, or Pilates noobs - maybe you’re returning to movement after an injury; perhaps you are a total gym junkie, and you're wanting to increase your mobility, stamina and your performance when you’re in the gym… maybe - like our founder Tori, you’re in your postpartum period, and you’re ready to dip your toe back into the world of Pilates after having a baby. You could be a runner, who’s sick of getting constantly injured, and your physio has sent you off to try some Pilates. Whoever you are, and whatever your body needs, this series of workouts is the perfect way to lay a foundation for your ongoing Pilates practice. Let’s Begin!

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  • Beginner Sweat

    Episode 1

    Welcome to Peaches Sweat - the workout that will change your perception of cardio! We love to Get Sweaty here at Peaches, but we're a low impact kinda place which means you can improve your fitness and keep your joints safe at the same time.
    This 30 minute workout will Laura is a circuit style cl...

  • Pimp Your Posture

    Episode 2

    Join our posture guru Tori for a simple workout that is equipment free and is for anyone who is looking to strengthen and improve their posture. A short, sharp and simple workout that will leave you feeling longer and more mindful of how you carry yourself.

  • Beginner Barre

    Episode 3

    Join our Barre Queen Laura for a Barre burn that requires no previous ballet experience. This workout is a favourite online and in studios as you are guided through moves that strengthen and lengthen your legs by using the barre or chair or balcony rail or kitchen bench.

    - Pregnancy safe
    Enjoy ...

  • Beginner Abs With Bec (& Hux)

    Episode 4

    Join Bec and Peaches resident pooch Hux for an equipment free ab burn that is equally spicy as it informative. Bec guides you through exercises that target all your deep core muscles and talks you through all the benefits you are gaining whilst moving your body.

  • Stretch & Meditation

    Episode 5

    Mia treats you to a beautiful stretch and meditation. This 25 minute class is for when you're feeling called to slow down and pause. It's time to give back to your mind and body with this beautiful body release followed by a guided meditation that will bring you back to centre and fill up your cu...