5 Seasons

This series isn’t just for complete beginners, or Pilates noobs - maybe you’re returning to movement after an injury; perhaps you are a total gym junkie, and you're wanting to increase your mobility, stamina and your performance when you’re in the gym… maybe - like our founder Tori, you’re in your postpartum period, and you’re ready to dip your toe back into the world of Pilates after having a baby. You could be a runner, who’s sick of getting constantly injured, and your physio has sent you off to try some Pilates. Whoever you are, and whatever your body needs, this series of workouts is the perfect way to lay a foundation for your ongoing Pilates practice. Let’s Begin!

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  • Connect To Your Core

    Episode 1

    This class with Sarah is going to level up your understanding of how to engage your core in common Pilates exercises. This 25 minute workout is totally equipment free and will target your entire core - transverse abdomonis, pelvic floor and obliques.

  • Power-FULL Body Pilates

    Episode 2

    This 30 minute Power Pilates full body workout that integrates some tradition Pilates moves with exercises you would see and do the gym. Today Bec is using 3kg dumbbells but she recommends a range of 2-5kg depending on your level and grab your booty band if you have one. Enjoy Peach!

  • Beginner Booty & Waist

    Episode 3

    If anyone is going to pop your Pilates waist cherry it's going to be Peaches founder Tori! Think of this equipment free workout as your initiation to discovering exactly what your Pilates corset feels like. Get ready to feel a slow burn deep in your booty and get a real understanding of the poten...

  • Low Impact Cardio With Sarah

    Episode 4

    Our Cardio Queen Sarah takes you through a workout that will lift your heart rate without putting pressure on your joints - did someone say no burpees?
    Sarah will guide you through low impact option so that you can take it at your own pace. All you'll need is 1kg hand weights - if you don't have ...

  • Evening Release

    Episode 5

    Join Milly for a beautiful wind down stretch. She takes you through her favourite stretches to use before bed or even during the day for when you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. Set the mood with a herbal tea, candle or whatever makes you feel zen and remember, recovery is just as important ...