June Challenge

June Challenge

4 Seasons

This month we have programmed your weeks for you to experience a typical week as a Peaches studio member but from the comfort of your home.
Each week includes 5 classes, plus a dedicated stretch and mobility sessions to keep you at your best.

Monday: Peaches Pilates signature class
Tuesday: Power because we don't compromise on strength
Wednesday: Core-focused session
Thursday: Cardio for an endorphin hit
Friday: Another Peaches Pilates burn
Saturday & Sunday: Recovery class and rest day

Changes in your workout schedule are totally okay! Try and aim for at least four workout sessions and one recovery session each week and we promise you'll feel stronger and more energised in both your body and mind! Ready? Let's go!

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June Challenge
  • Pilates Flow

    Episode 1

    Filmed in lockdown! Join Tori for for a Pilates Flow... This class has a special focus on Posture - you'll feel juushed from top to toe afterwards. Want more of a challenge? Strap on some ankle weights!

    - Not for Pregnancy

  • Power-FULL Body Pilates

    Episode 2

    This 30 minute Power Pilates full body workout that integrates some tradition Pilates moves with exercises you would see and do the gym. Today Bec is using 3kg dumbbells but she recommends a range of 2-5kg depending on your level and grab your booty band if you have one. Enjoy Peach!

  • Connect To Your Core

    Episode 3

    This class with Sarah is going to level up your understanding of how to engage your core in common Pilates exercises. This 25 minute workout is totally equipment free and will target your entire core - transverse abdomonis, pelvic floor and obliques.

  • Sweat At The Barre

    Episode 4

    Who knew you could sweat so much in 20 minutes. Laura guides you through a high intensity, low impact Barre workout using 1kg hand weights. You'll use the barre/chair to focus on your legs and then speed things up a bit with some cardio moves. Enjoy the sweat Peach, your endorphins await you!

  • Pilates Flow 2

    Episode 5

    Join Tori for another Pilates Flow. This full body workout will give you the ultimate burn and leave you feeling longer and stronger. To spice things up Tori uses two ankle weights. However, this is completely optional.

  • Silly Season Stretch

    Episode 6

    The next 20 minutes are dedicated to releasing your upper back. Laura will guide through some of her favourite stretches she uses to to open the chest, upper back and shoulders - you're welcome!