First Trimester

First Trimester

4 Seasons

This calendar begins from week 6 of pregnancy, and is a guide, not a bible. We believe variety is key which is why we include all of our signature workouts and exercise styles - Pilates, strength, cardio, stretching and more. Every second week we give you a chance to revisit prescribed classes so you can work on your form. please remember to take the suggested modifications and remove resistance tools as needed.

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First Trimester
  • Prenatal Calendar Week 6-13

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  • Barre Burn 6

    Episode 1

    Join Laura for a spicy Barre Burn workout. Grab your chair and get ready to lengthen and strengthen your body with a strong focus on the legs.

    Pregnancy safe.

  • Toned Arms 2

    Episode 2

  • Peaches Pilates 4

    Episode 3

    Tori's trademark 30 minute workout for the whole body, using the Peaches method. This workout will have a strong focus on the booty and waist, using the Pilates ball.
    - Pregnancy safe.


    Episode 4

    Another one of Bec's killer boxing sessions - with a special focus on long, lean legs!

  • 10 Min Desk Stretch

    Episode 5

    Every day at Peaches, we see clients who complain of injuries and postural problems linked to their sedentary time at work. Small daily habits like getting up and moving your body can be hugely beneficial in counteracting this discomfort. Join Tori for her Desk Stretch Routine - the perfect way t...