4 Seasons

What is the Four Weeks Of Peaches Challenge?
This challenge is our way of showing you that you don’t have to over train or only use high impact methods in your workouts to get results! Or as we like to say at Peaches - “You don’t have to do crazy sh!t to look good!

Your workout calendar for this challenge mimics a typical week at a Peaches studio. Get ready to experience a complete timetable of classes that include variety - because we believe that balance is key to delivering the best results. You'll experience all of the four types of exercise - strength, endurance, cardio and flexibility

What's included?
- A daily calendar to tick off your workouts as you go and keep you accountable
- Brand new workouts each week
- Peachy progress tracker
- A guide on how to set realistic goals
- Ongoing support in our PEACHES FAM facebook group

What you'll need:
This challenge includes equipment free workouts, as well as classes that include equipment. The Pilates tools we use can be found in our shop. The "Travel Pack" includes our favourite Pilates accessories - Pilates ball, sliding discs, booty band and theraband - they can also be purchased individually. We also love to use dumbbells in our workouts - 1kg, 3kg and 5kg, give or take - these can easily be substituted with household items like tins of beans, water bottles and wine bottles.

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  • Peaches Pilates 2

    Episode 1

    Round two of our signature Pilates class. 30 minutes of Total Body Toning, using a Pilates ball for an extra kick. Designed to work you top to toe with a strong focus on the booty, abs and posture.
    Not for pregnancy.

    You will need: Pilates Ball

  • Cardio x Power

    Episode 2

    Get ready to sweat and burn all at the same time as Bec marries her two favourite workout styles - cardio and strength training. You'll need 2 x 3kg dumbbells and a booty band for this circuit class. Don't be scared though because round one of every exercise is a modified version for you to refer...

  • Barre Burn 2

    Episode 3

    Join Laura for a 30 minute Barre workout. Grab your chair and get ready to feel the burn and watch the legs shake.
    - Pregnancy safe

  • Pilates To Feel Good

    Episode 4

    Join Milly for Pilates to Feel Good. A 30 minute full body workout with no equipment needed. This beautiful flow will focus on your booty, legs and abs. No doubt you'll finish with a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

    Not for pregnancy

  • Booty Band Blitz

    Episode 5

    Pop those booty bands on ladies. This 20 minute workout is all you need to get the glutes firing. Expect lots of pulses with Bec in this killer workout!

    Pregnancy safe.

  • Full Body Zen

    Episode 6

    Time to switch off! Join us for a slow stretch class releasing the most important muscles and joints when it comes to back pain and posture. Great for your mental health too - let’s Zen out!

    You will need: Pilates Ball

  • Power Pilates 10 - Express

    Episode 7

    Grab your 3kg dumbbells - give or take - and get ready to harness the power of resistance for the ultimate express class, with a special focus on the core.

    Ps - Tori had a 'mum brain' moment and her head pops out of shot on occasion, we know you'll forgive her ;)