Six Week Summer Challenge

Six Week Summer Challenge

6 Seasons

We've created a 6 week program tailored to the silly season. You know we're always banging on about balance here at Peaches and this is the perfect time of year for it.
Eat all the food and drink all the drinks but keep yourself feeling great with some Peachy movement and our guide to surviving the festive season.

The challenge includes:
- Brand new workouts and recipes
- Daily calendar
- Our usual amazing community support
- Daily checklist to FFA (feel f**king awesome).

What you'll need:
This challenge includes equipment free workouts, as well as classes that include equipment. The Pilates tools we use can be found in our shop. The "Travel Pack" includes our favourite Pilates accessories - Pilates ball, sliding discs, booty band and theraband - they can also be purchased individually. We also love to use dumbbells in our workouts - 1kg, 3kg and 5kg, give or take - these can easily be substituted with household items like tins of beans, water bottles and wine bottles.

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Six Week Summer Challenge
  • Six Week Summer Challenge Weeks 1-3

    78.4 KB

  • Peaches Pilates 18

    Episode 1

    Laura takes you through a signature Peaches Pilates burn using no equipment. This is a 30 minute full body workout with a strong focus on the booty and waist.

  • Boxing Chipper 1

    Episode 2

    Bec brings you a chipper workout - boxing style! Broken up into two components of strength and cardio, repeated twice - all we can say, is get ready to feel the burn and see the sweat. A full body workout using 1kg hand weights and sliding discs (optional). Have fun Peach!

  • Booty & Waist Challenge

    Episode 3

    Join Tori for a classic Peaches style express workout - targeting the Toosh and your Pilates Corset. Up for a challenge? Strap on an ankle weight or throw on a booty band!

  • Pilates To Feel Good

    Episode 4

    Join Milly for Pilates to Feel Good. A 30 minute full body workout with no equipment needed. This beautiful flow will focus on your booty, legs and abs. No doubt you'll finish with a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

    Not for pregnancy

  • Power Pilates 9

    Episode 5

    Join Bec for this 40 minute Power Pilates class. Grab your dumbbells out and get ready to work the entire body with a strong focus on the arms.

  • Yoga For Your Flow

    Episode 6

    Yoga - for your flow! This class was designed to be enjoyed around day 6 of your cycle - or whenever you are up for feeling invigorated! Enjoy dynamic movement with Carla to brush the cobwebs away.

  • How To Survive The Festive Season

    842 KB

    We've got you Peach! When the thought of social commitments and less time for you makes you feel uneasy - read this! A reminder that your well-being is a priority and that there are ways around feeling balanced over the crazy holiday period. When you feel good then your likely to feel more presen...