Four Week Focus Challenge

Four Week Focus Challenge

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What is the Focus Challenge?
In this challenge we are theming each week, focusing on either a muscle group or training type. Each week will involve six workouts including a mobility or stretch class that will compliment your weekly program. We believe variety is key - by breaking up the weeks, you will experience the different ways our workouts can challenge your body - get ready for the full Peaches experience!

What's included?
- A daily calendar to tick off your workouts as you go and keep you accountable
- Brand new workouts each week
- Information sheets on the physical and health benefits for each focus.
- Two Facebook lives with Head Trainer Bec:
1. Challenge breakdown and Q&A followed by a 30 minute workout .
2. Bec chats about how to step outside of your comfort zone with
training and how it will increase your level of performance in
other aspects of your life.
- Ongoing support in our PEACHES FAM facebook group

What you'll need:
This challenge includes equipment free workouts, as well as classes that include equipment. The Pilates tools we use can be found in our shop. The "Travel Pack" includes our favourite Pilates accessories - Pilates ball, sliding discs, booty band and theraband - they can also be purchased individually. We also love to use dumbbells in our workouts - 1kg, 3kg and 5kg, give or take - these can easily be substituted with household items like tins of beans, water bottles and wine bottles.

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Four Week Focus Challenge
  • Daily Calendar

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  • Power Pilates 8

    Episode 1

    Laura will work you from top to toe in this Peaches Power Pilates workout. Grab your 3kg dumbbells and get ready to feel the burn in your abs, arms and legs.

  • Peaches Pilates 1

    Episode 2

    Our trademark 30 minute workout for the whole body, using the Peaches method. If you thought Pilates was either too easy or boring - think again! This workout is a full body workout with a special focus on the booty, abs and waist.
    - Not for pregnance

    No equipment needed
    Not for pregnancy

  • Morning Mobility

    Episode 3

    A beautiful way to start the day or warm up before a more serious session. Add this to your faves!


    Episode 4

    A cardio style power workout using 3kg dumbbells - get ready to sweat!

  • Power Chipper

    Episode 5

    Another Chipper inspired workout. This speedy but spicy workout with Bec focus' on using heavier resistance and strengthening your entire body.

  • Lower Body Release

    Episode 6

    Welcome to a beautiful lower body release class that your body will thank you for. During the class you will open up through the hips, release the glutes and work on mobility. Some days this is the only kind of movement our body desires. Enjoy Peach!

  • Pilates To Feel Good

    Episode 7

    Join Milly for Pilates to Feel Good. A 30 minute full body workout with no equipment needed. This beautiful flow will focus on your booty, legs and abs. No doubt you'll finish with a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

    Not for pregnancy