6 Weeks Till Spring

6 Weeks Till Spring

6 Seasons

*This challenge includes equipment free workouts, as well as classes that use equipment such as dumbbells and Pilates tools. We encourage you to check out our shop as well as online retailers like eBay, Kmart and Target if you'd like to grab some gear!*

Join us for the Peaches Pilates Six Weeks Till Spring Challenge - focusing on creating habits to make you FFA (feel [email protected] awesome!). Kicking off on the 26th July, this program is designed around getting the results YOU want. By providing you with a daily calendar to complete over six weeks, we will be with you every step of the way when it comes to achieving your goals - not just in strength, fitness, and muscle tone, but mental health, clarity, calm and energy.

This Six Weeks Till Spring Challenge has been designed to provide you with the space to create a bubble of self-love. And FYI, Peach, Self-love is more than just sitting in a bath and telling yourself you accept your thighs. It is the intention to wake up every morning and nourish yourself physically and mentally. We want you to focus on being your best self and then taking care of her! Creating an environment for self-care helps us to feel at peace in our own skin, and encourages us to treat ourselves with kindness and respect; and importantly, it allows us to make decisions that will nourish our health and well-being.

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6 Weeks Till Spring
  • 6 Week Challenge - Daily Calendar.pdf

    121 KB

  • Peaches Pilates 13

    Episode 1

    Join Bec for this 30 minute signature Peaches Pilates burn. You'll need your ball and booty band as we focus on the booty and abs.

    Not for pregnancy.

  • HIIP Pilates 4

    Episode 2

    Join Laura for a HIIP Pilates workout using only 2 x 3kg dumbbells. This 35 minute workout is designed as a circuit on your mat. Get ready to sweat!

  • Abs Blast 3

    Episode 3

    Target your core and get that deep burn you’ve come to love.

    You will need: 3kg dumbbell

  • Day Starter

    Episode 4

    Milly shares her "Day Starter" - a routine she uses before a cardio style workout or even before a walk. It requires no equipment and is even perfect if you don't have time for any other movement that day.
    - Not for pregnancy

  • Cardio Circuit 1

    Episode 5

    Get ready to sweat out with Bec in this 25 minutes Cardio Circuit. A full body workout spread out over six exercises with three rounds each. No equipment needed for this heart racer.
    - Not for pregnancy

  • Pilates Corset 3

    Episode 6

    Grab your Pilates ball and join Milly for this 30 minute workout that focus' on your waist and abs. Get ready to strengthen your core with this killer burn.
    - Not for pregnancy.